STS Group Int. Leader in integration of innovative telecommunications solutions In Tunisia and internationally.

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Thanks to its 25 years of prestige and experience in the field of telecommunications on the Tunisian market, STS Group Int. has become a pioneer in the integration of innovative solutions in the deployment of turnkey telecommunications networks, and the main supplier of the largest operators, equipment manufacturers, public administrations, regulators, and medium and large companies in Tunisia.

A certified experience:

The human and technical resources available to the company, constantly brought into line with new technologies, have enabled it to acquire a dominant position on the Tunisian and international telecommunications market. Telecommunications engineers and technicians, civil engineering, IT and OF specialists, more than 30 people are at your service for advice, installation and maintenance of your telecom and IT solutions.

Historically, STS Group Int. Offers quality services, efficient installations, permanent maintenance and the guarantee of project management while respecting the best costs and deadlines. On the other hand, the rich and multiple experience of STS Groupe Int. in Tunisia allows it to adjust its services according to the local context and thus offer its partners effective and adapted advisory services.

We offer our partners the possibility of maximizing their investments by benefiting from cutting-edge technologies by implementing tailor-made solutions. STS Groupe Int. then became the Tunisian leader in innovative telecommunication solutions for new networks, as well as for the optimization of existing networks.

STS Group Int. is your partner that meets all your requirements in setting up and optimizing your telecommunications networks.
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